About us

Park Player is a startup company specializes in the design and development of Scientific, innovative interactive playground equipment

The company was established with the mission of improving game experience for children and integrating it with Scientific values that are designed in a fun, innovative, unique and safe manner.
Our game facilities combine great fun with the learning process being performed by a sensory illustration of one or several physical principles. Our planning and design departments know how to use the visual, hearing and tactile senses to stimulate the child's brain and provide him with experiential, meaningful, memorable and enjoyable learning.

By doing so, we allow your child to enjoy an interactive activity area dedicated and tailored to him and his needs. Where he can examine boundaries, develop imagination, improve physical and cognitive abilities, create new friendships, and enhance his self-confidence in a friendly, inviting and enjoyable outdoor environment.
We located in Israel and hire the best minds specializing in education, child development, physical fitness, science, industrial design, production, assembly and installation. As a result, we can ensure our customers the best Scientific, innovative and quality Scientific facilities in the world and allow you to enjoy them for many years.
We invite you to explore the game worlds we created and imagine yourself spending time with your children.